Hash Cabbage

Friday, July 16
Show: | 9pm // Door: | 8pm

Animas City Theatre Local Appreciation Night

Hash Cabbage Bio

“Hash Cabbage plays Kozmic Psychedelic American Music.  Founded in 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Hash Cabbage has an eclectic sound with a variety of influences from southern rock, improvisational jazz, reggae, funk, outlaw country all the way to surreal psychedelia. Rooted in both rock improv and traditional singer/songwriter structure, Hash Cabbage proudly admits that it doesn’t fully fall into any particular subgenre and skates on the edges of many.  Hash Cabbage released its second full length album in April, 2021, entitled “The Gospel According to Hash Cabbage”.~~~ www.hashcabbage.com 


“What’s this? Hash what now? Are these guys referring to a hash made out of cabbage or profits made off of selling hash? No matter. These exceedingly mellow jambanders have the atmosphere down pat: a stew of reggae (an option for too few jam bands), smooth soul and funk, and cool jazz… 
— Robert Fontenot, OffBeat Magazine