Animas City Theatre

MarchFourth with High Step Society

Thursday, May 09
Door: 8pm

Animas City Theatre Presents
MarchFourth with High Step Society
Thursday May 9th 2024
Doors 7:00pm / Show 8:00pm
$38 / $40 / 21+
Tickets on sale now online at

Sponsored by WeFill & Jimmy’s Music & Supply

Standing Room Only / Limited First Come First Serve Seating in the balcony

MarchFourth is a kaleidoscope of musical and visual energy that inspires unabashed dancing and an atmosphere of celebration. With costumes inspired by band camp meets circus, the band consists of electric bass, guitar, 4-piece percussion corps, a 7-part brass section, dancers, acrobatics, stilt-walkers and a very diverse musical repertoire. Far from a “marching band” in any traditional sense, they have been known to swagger down Main Street playing a few tunes before taking the stage.

MarchFourth travels in one big tour bus, bringing their unique brand of party wherever they go. Their show is a sonic journey with worldwide influences, echoing the deepest grooves of American funk, rock, and jazz then boiling it all together in cinematic fashion, with showmanship, flare, and most of all: heart. This genre-busting, joy-inducing, in-your-face experience is not to be missed!

High Step Society is a dance party from another dimension; a high-flying, beat-dropping, big band rocket ship with an ear to the past, and both feet on the gas. This dynamic band is bringing jazz back to the party, where it belongs.

This 7-piece band’s mission is to bring people together, to create a celebratory space that transcends the troubles of this world. Capturing the spirit of the Jazz Age and launching it a century forward, this band breaks down the divisions between us and replaces them with the irresistible urge to dance together.

High stepping is a state of mind, and a movement to be part of. Dress yourself up nice, act classy, and lift your best foot way up to the sky. Hop on the HSS Express and let’s ride this wave together towards better times.

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