The River Arkansas & Joshua Polaris

18 and up
Friday, August 20
Door: | 7pm // Show: | 8pm

Animas City Theatre Presents
The River Arkansas & Joshua Polaris
The River Arkansas
In the winter of 2014, Mike Clark penned a collection of songs about heartbreak, love, and escaping the clutches of day-to-day society. The following spring, Clark decided to make that collection into a record.  By good fortune Macon Terry, a bass player and former member of the band Paper Bird, happened to be in the neighborhood the day the studio was booked for recording. Though Terry arrived not knowing any of the songs, what they captured was the beginning of something great.  Later they would add Robin Chestnut on drums, Rachel Sliker on violin, and Benjamin Gallagher on piano. With the release their third studio album “Any Kind of Weather” the band has hit their stride, traveling the mid-west, south, and western United States as well as playing festivals all across Colorado, delivering their distinctive mixture of Country, Blues, Folk and Americana.

Joshua Polaris is a Colorado based singer and songwriter who spent the last ten years touring with his group Elder Grown. Experience his solo adventure for a short time only while during the next year he explores folk music, acoustic guitar playing, and storytelling. This acoustic venture will act as a way to gather funding for planting trees around the world. 


Joshua Polaris’s style resembles Dave Matthews and John Butler, and blends folk, acoustic alternative rock, and chant into a heart moving sound that is filled with poetry, silence, space, and deep acoustic texture.


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The River Arkansas is the newest project of Mike Clark (The Ghost of Michael Clark, The Haunted Windchimes, The Sugar Sounds). Named after the river he lives beside, this is a band made up active musicians from across the front range. Their first release, Golden Light, draws stylistically from all Clark’s past musical endeavors, joining elements of rock and roll, americana, soul, and gypsy folk.