The Sadies

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, May 29
Door: 7pm
The Animas City Theatre Presents
The Sadies
Wednesday May 29th 2024
$25 / $30 / 21+
Tickets on sale now online at

The Sadies: Without doubt or qualification, The Sadies are one of this continent’s greatest extant rock ’n’ roll bands — just as they have been for the last quarter-century. Versatile and imaginative, they skip from astral psychedelia to shuffling bucolics and leap from puckish pop to righteous garage-rock without losing momentum or mastery. Their albums deliver masterclasses on pointed songwriting, lockstep harmonies, and a devil-may-care attitude to expectations and past successes.  

With their new album – Colder Streams – out now, check out what Shindig Magazine calls “a stone-cold masterpiece”. 

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